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The fastest way to capture your screen and share it with anyone. Close deals faster, resolve tickets quickly & communicate with your team easily and effortlessly.


3 easy steps to send your message across


Start Recording your screen and webcam to tell your story.


In-built Onscreen editing tools to amplify your message.


Instantly share on all major platforms and get your own video URL.

Take full advantage of a flexible & powerful Video Platform.

Create Interactive videos

Easily create videos that make your narration come alive. Throw in interactive elements throughout your recordings to make your message more effective & personalized.

  • Draw Tool: Use pen to draw and highlight

  • Focus Tool: Draw viewers’ attention on clicks

  • Text Tool: Add text to explain and engage

A Fully Branded Experience

Establish a 360 degree Brand identity by making the video player your own. Customize the player’s color, landing page, play button, etc., as per your brand requirements.

  • Customize thumbnails to invite more clicks
  • Maintain an addictive playlist to keep viewers in loop
  • Easily embed the player in emails, blogs, social-media

No More Lost Leads

Add attractive annotations within the video, to make your videos interactive and compel leads into taking a desired action.

  • Clickable call-to-action buttons, banners and forms
  • Bring interactivity to your videos by adding quizzes, polls etc.

Measure Metrics That Matter

Unlock the true potential of your videos with analytics like impressions, views, click through rates and conversions to understand users’ behaviour.

  • Know who watched your content
  • Video engagement heatmaps
  • Get real-time notifications every time a video is viewed

Seamless Integration

Premium Customer Support

Our support team stays on its toes 24*7 to help companies & individuals enjoy a great video experience. We acknowledge every query that reaches us, and try responding to and resolving them as soon as possible.

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